Allen Institute of Dental Assisting
[ Philosophy ]

passionate about changing lives for the better 

Today's average student is in threat of being buried in debt before ever entering the workforce.  For some, a degree isn't even within reach.  The Allen Institute of Dental Assisting provides students with educational opportunities similar to that of a larger school, but for the fraction of the cost and with the many benefits of a smaller, more intimate school setting.  Smaller class sizes (5 to 1 teacher to student ratio), individualized attention, mentorship programs, and almost 100% hands on instruction are just some of the many benefits that Allen has to offer.  


A Hands on and mentorship program 

For students to be successful after graduation, they must retain as much skills as possible in the 10-week program.  Studies show that students retain 75% of information when they practice by doing.  That is why the Allen focuses 90% of our time in the operatories to help students
practice the skills necessary to get hired.  


Convenient Bi-Weekly access to enrollment

Allen offers students the unique opportunity to begin classes every two weeks.  This not only allows easy access to enrollment all year long, but offers a mixed level of learning.  Studies show people retain 90% of information when they teach.  Therefore, at [ School name ] , students that have been the program for 6-7 weeks begin to assist in teaching and mentoring the new students.  
This greatly increases retention.



Employment Opportunities

We haven't fully done our job until our students find employment.